Monica Miller

Monica Miller has served the Puyallup Tribe for more than 43 years. She began working in the Enrollment Department in the late 1970s, going to high school at the same time. She kept working for the Tribe after high school, spending a few months in the law office. She later created and served as director of the Per Capita Department. In 2011, she created and became director of the Department of the Representative Payee, which exists to protect Tribal beneficiaries and their financial assets from exploitation, and for Members who want help with bill-paying and other financial transactions.

Councilmember Miller has also served on the Enrollment Committee, Housing Committee and Puyallup International Inc.

“My mission is always to work for the Tribal members to make sure their assets, their per capitas, their waters, their lands, their berries, their sovereign rights – everything – is protected,” Councilmember Miller said.

She said she will also work hard to protect the Tribe’s culture, and ensure that its children receive the best education and its Elders receive the best care.

Councilmember Miller was elected to Council on Aug. 1, 2020.

“I thank each and every one of the voters for their support in this 2020 election,” she said. “I believe in change along with them, and together we can strive for that change by making our voices heard. …I want people to know: I work for you.”