Tribal Council

The Puyallup Tribal Council is the Tribe’s elected governing body. The first council of five people was elected in 1936. In 1991, the council increased from five to seven members.

Tribal Council Vision

Adopted December 2018

The Puyallup Tribe is accountable and effective in communication and generous in meeting the needs of our members and involves membership in the planning process. Our community is unified in protecting sovereignty and preserving our history, culture, natural resources and environment. Our tribal membership is educated, healthy, safe, stable and self-sufficient. Our members love and respect one another and we honor our ancestors and elders with gratitude for their sacrifices. Our tribal economy is vibrant and our tribal businesses are thriving, providing adequate resources to support tribal membership needs for generations to come.

Tribal Council Mission

Adopted December 2018

To oversee the Puyallup tribal government operations, economic priorities and overall community wellness while ensuring financial resources are available now and for future generations. To build upon what our ancestors and elders fought for by continuing to protect and preserve our tribal sovereignty, natural resources, environment, heritage, culture and our families by providing equitable programs and services that help our membership succeed and grow.